Coffee machines in the West Midlands

We all know how much first impressions count and that very first sip of coffee will determine the rest of a customer’s experience. And whilst the taste may be more about the coffee bean or the way it’s roasted, the overall quality, look and temperature all comes down to the machine. Because of this, it is essential that you choose the right coffee machine to deliver that perfect cup every time.

But with so many brands, features and capabilities out there, it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which coffee machine to choose. 

That’s where we come in.

Established back in 2013, our philosophy here at Tilley Green Coffee is all about providing high quality coffee products and machines, combined with a premium personal service. When it comes to coffee machines, we work with the world’s best suppliers for both traditional and bean-to-cup machines, ensuring an extremely high quality coffee product every time. So whether it’s in the look or the taste, your customers are sure to be satisfied.

More about our coffee machines

The coffee machine brands we work with include La Spaziale, Sanremo, La Cimbali, So Pure, Anfim and Mahlkönig. Maintaining our high levels of service is extremely important to us and so it is for this reason that we only choose to work with brands we trust. We rely on machines that can perform to the highest standard every time, even when demand is high. Nowadays, the coffee industry is at its most popular and, with predictions that coffee shops will outnumber pubs by 2030, this is only going to continue. Our coffee machines must be ready and raring to keep up with these levels - and they do.

All the brands we’ve mentioned above would make a good, solid addition to your business and guarantee to provide exceptional coffee. Included in our range are European favourites, La Spaziale and Sanremo; with their Italian heritage, both brands manufacture premium coffee machines designed for commercial and professional use, making them an ideal all-rounder. 

We also supply a full range of accessories including top-of-the-range coffee grinders.

Thinking about leasing your coffee machine?

Whilst all of our coffee machines can be purchased, we understand that not every business can commit to a large investment. As such, all our machines are also available for lease at an arrangement that suits your needs. 

We have a number of options available for those businesses that require a little more flexibility. For instance, our offerings include a pay-per-cup financial option for smaller companies who are unable to commit to purchasing or leasing a machine.

Coffee machine training, maintenance and support

Learning the workings of a coffee machine can seem a little daunting at first, but we would never deliver your chosen machine then just leave you to it. Our team of specialists have vast experience of all the ins and outs of how these brands work. We provide thorough barista training to ensure that you and your staff are familiar and confident with the workings of our premium range of coffee machines and products. Working together with you, we design and deliver tailor-made training programmes that will effectively convey everything you need to know to ensure your machine delivers the high standard products you and your customers have come to expect.

All of our training is conducted with you in-house - in an environment you’re comfortable with - and it aims to provide you with an extensive product knowledge, as well as a high level of confidence. All training sessions are run by our in-house staff, all qualified baristas and each holding the Specialist Coffee Association of Europe Diploma. It is carried out using only top-of-the-range machines and is coordinated either on your premises or at our headquarters in Prees, Shropshire.

Finally, we are always on hand to provide you with engineering back-up whenever it’s required and servicing is always a high priority. In fact, we provide a premium maintenance service for machines and even have a dedicated engineering team to support you should you need us.

Our specially trained team has been working in the coffee industry for decades and we really do know our stuff. We are always happy to address any questions you have or talk through your requirements to determine, together, which machine would work best for you and your customers.

So please feel free to get in touch with us and let’s have a chat about what you’re after.

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