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There is no doubt that we have become a nation of coffee addicts. Over the last decade, our high streets have flourished with the appearances of coffee houses led by caffeine giants such as Costa and Starbucks.

Alongside these, a whole host of independent coffee shops have sprung up to satisfy our love of Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos and Mochas. We now lace our drinks with a myriad of syrups, chocolate and other paraphernalia, rather than adding a dash of milk and a spoonful or two of sugar.

The British Coffee Association advises that, as a nation, we consume 55 million cups of coffee per day and, according to a report released earlier this year, there are now an estimated 22,845 coffee shops in the UK.

And it keeps on growing. The coffee shop market is one of the most successful in the UK economy and is set to outnumber pubs by 2030 as coffee shops become the new local.

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Commercial Coffee Machines

We all know how much first impressions count and that very first sip of coffee will determine the rest of a customer’s experience. And whilst the taste may be more about the coffee bean or the way it’s roasted, the overall quality, look and temperature all comes down to the machine. Because of this, it is essential that you choose the right coffee machine to deliver that perfect cup every time.

Coffee Machines, Roasters, Supplies & Products In North Wales

Situated in Shropshire, Tilley Green Coffee are specialists in supplying premium coffee and tea products to businesses throughout the UK. Our base in Prees means we are very centrally-based and perfectly located to supply products to cafes, restaurants, hotels and many other businesses throughout North Wales.

Coffee Machines, Roasters, Supplies & Products In The West Midlands

Here at Tilley Green Coffee, we specialise in supplying high quality coffee and tea products to an array of businesses in the hospitality industry.

Coffee Machines, Roasters, Supplies & Products In Cheshire

Since 2013, Tilley Green Coffee have been supplying premium coffee and tea products to businesses across England and Wales. With headquarters in Shropshire, we are centrally-based and ideally located to supply businesses in Cheshire.

Barista training in demand

As bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants open up with the relaxation of Covid regulations, we have been notching up many miles on-the-road to provide barista training for our customers.
We offer barista training free-of-charge to all of our customers and as Sales Manager Adrian Dratwinski explains, ensuring staff can produce the very best coffees is an essential ingredient of establishing a successful catering business: