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As bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants open up with the relaxation of Covid regulations, we have been notching up many miles on-the-road to provide barista training for our customers.

We offer barista training free-of-charge to all of our customers and as Sales Manager Adrian Dratwinski explains, ensuring staff can produce the very best coffees is an essential ingredient of establishing a successful catering business:

“You can have our finest equipment, but if your staff aren’t well-trained and able to produce great coffees and manage customer expectations, then it’s always going to be difficult,” said Adrian. “We are passionate about providing high-standard training which arms staff with the best technical knowledge and also the confidence to produce great coffees. We ensure our training sessions are engaging and fun too.”

“Demand for training is currently extremely high as businesses open up again, some employing new staff who need to be trained-up rapidly.  We are also encouraged by the number of new businesses opening up and we’re really enjoying supporting them with quality training programmes.”

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